Improve your social media conversation, get to know your community better and listen to what they are saying.

Customer care for social media and online channels

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Your community is always looking to tell you a lot of things, are you listening to them?

Tikket helps you listen and go further. All your channels in one place for you to keep control, measure and analyze. Be more productive and take your business to success.

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Why Tikket if you already answer in social media?

Tikket is a centralized inbox with a simple interface, even simpler than some of the social networks tools. It allows you to obtain better details of the attention you give, and that gets translated in meaningful business insights. And this is just the beginning, take the next step to transform you online conversation.

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Chat online para tu website ¡Gratis!

Tikket includes an online chat widget of easy installation. Just insert the code and you will have a fully functional and free chat for your site in minutes that will integrate with your other online communication channels in our centralized inbox.

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Para tus usuarios y para ti, conversar con Tikket será un placer

Con Tikket vas más allá de decir hola, mejoras con cada conversación y mantienes relaciones duraderas con tu comunidad.

Users and clients loyalty

Operational opportunities

Business inteligence

Haz que tu empresa asuma el reto de la conversación online, transforma tus indicadores de atención y aumenta la satisfacción de tu comunidad.

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